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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our business. Al - Tasmem is firmly established as one of the leading companies in the construction and development industry. With headquarters based in Baghdad, Al - Tasmem provides superior and quality construction services to the Iraqi market. As a market leader in Iraq, Al - Tasmem Construction Company brings together a comprehensive range of capabilities in architecture, civil engineering, specialized intelligent building, and related services. Al - Tasmem Company has traditional values and is best known for its quality construction work, which is founded on high levels of excellence and professionalism.

Al-Tasmem was originally founded in 1993 as "“an Architectural Centre for Consultants.”" During the 1990s and the early 2000s, the centre provided architectural and consultation services for many projects in both public and private sectors. In 2002, the Architectural Centre for Consultants evolved under the name of “Al-Tasmem Company for Construction Contracts Limited.” The company was also registered in the Iraqi Companies' Registrar, the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Planning, and the Iraqi Union of Contractors.

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In 2010, Al – Tasmem was one of the first companies to apply Light Gauge Steel (LGS) structure technology in Iraq. LGS technology is a compelling alternative building material for residential and light commercial projects. Al - Tasmem provides a fully engineered, integrated light gauge steel frame system, from plans through to fabrication and straight to on-site installation.