Architecture and Civil Engineering

With Al – Tasmem Company, you will get the experience on how a designed building is not only about the aesthetic and functional aspect but also the "art of living within it". It is when a well-designed building can further become the way of communicating and experiencing the nature and all of the surroundings.

You will be offered with complete architectural design from our architects for residential, offices, housing complexes, and commercial buildings. It starts from discussing the concept and design scope, purposes of building, to assessing personality or lifestyle of the client until we get perfect extraction of what you want.

Construction Projects

Based on decades of professional experience, Al – Tasmem Company provides efficient and reliable construction management services. Our “Turn-Key” approach is designed to achieve ultimate customers’ satisfaction. Our clients offer a project definition or a concept of their intended finishes and we will manage every stage of the project. Under a 'turn-key' project, the added considerations carried out by us are:

Light Gauge Steel Solutions

In 2010, Al – Tasmem was one of the first companies to apply Light Gauge Steel (LGS) structure technology in Iraq. LGS technology is a compelling alternative building material for residential and light commercial projects. Al - Tasmem provides a fully engineered, integrated light gauge steel frame system, from plans through to fabrication and straight to on-site installation.